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TCRS3: Raven Shield
« on: October 27, 2005, 02:01:33 PM »
I bought it's PS2 equivalent (simply Rainbow Six 3) a few months ago and really didn't think that much of it. The control system was lax and the reticule was bizarre, amongst other things (not important here).

This afternoon I thought 'what the hell' and downloaded the demo [single player] and I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed. The control system is a bit non-ordinary (Z reloads, X lower stance, C upper stance, B firing modes, everything else pretty much FPS-generic) but has some nice features; Q and E let you lean around corners, and if you hold Ctrl and use the mouse you can do the same 'fluidly' to give you more control. The same thing is true for opening doors - either press space to open it normally, or use the mouse wheel to fluidly open it. Neat but took me a couple of re-tries to get used to ;)

Graphically stunning, I've got everything on high detail (except hostage and terrorist shadows which are on medium) and 1280x1024 res. Not much graininess (except @ extreme distances) and I kinda wish it supported anti-aliasing :( (wait, maybe the full version does?). Well animated scenery too.

There's a huge selection of equipment to choose from - I'm going through that 'I love guns what I can customise' period ;) so very pleasing in this area. You can stick a supressor / high cap. mag / mini-scope on pretty much anything, plus you get to choose between FMJ / JHP ammo. W00t.

The sound of the game is most probably the best part - especially with EAX switched on. You can hear everything in every possible detail in this game, and the weapon sound effects are the best I've ever heard in a video game; in most games they sound like cannons or just shit. Also they've gotten the magazine capacity right for every weapon [I've used] so far, a minor point, but it bothers me when you play a game where a .357 Desert Eagle AE apparantly has a 7 round mag. cap. like it's more potent brother, the .50. Idiots. :eek: