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NBA - China thing

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I'm really disappointed with the way the NBA is handling the China "controversy" - I'm almost to the point where I might stop watching it all together. I'm disappointed in the players and their comments - like LeBron and Harden - WTF is wrong with those guys. What do you guys think?

I think we as a society give too many fucks what sport ball players say or think.

From what I've seen I'm not a fan of LeBron's reaction (haven't seen Harden's). But I don't watch the NBA because I agree with the politics of the players or the owners or anybody in between.

I'm curious to see what the NBA does though. I get that the players are unhappy about Morey's tweet because it's going to cut into the league's revenue and their salaries are directly tied to that revenue. But still you'd hope they'd be more aware of the hypocrisy of criticizing Morey for speaking out because it costs the league money and partnerships but also being the first people to speak out on domestic issues.

You're really going to stop watching the games because of what a few people said?  That seems like a radical response.  That's like my wife refusing to watch movies or shows with certain people in it because of what she read about them in an article online. 

I agree with Obes and Mike.


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