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Last two avengers movies
« on: November 04, 2019, 09:26:42 PM »
I have never really followed the Marvel Universe movies too closely. Never got too involved in it. I saw the first Iron man, and maybe a thor, and a couple of captain america movies, but then there became so many of them, that I lost track and was not excited to see any of them. I think the last one I saw was guardians of the galaxy 1 - that was pretty good.

Over the weekend I saw that Infinity Wars was on Netflix and since my wife was out of town, I could spare 3 hours of my time, so I watched it - and what a ride! awesome movie. Awesome story. I had to see End Game so I rented it, and it was not as good as IW but I think it was a nice ending to the whole thing. I bet it was a treat seeing these pictures on the big screen. If you have not seen these, I highly recommend it.
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Re: Last two avengers movies
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I cried.
definitely bas


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Re: Last two avengers movies
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Best movie series ever put together IMHO.  So many little details that just make it awesome.