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Anyone have or have owned a wood chipper?  Trying to get thoughts from people who have actually owned one for moderately sized property usage (compared to ones trying to clear acreage and take out trees)

How much use do you think it would actually get on an annual basis? Wood (pun intended) it be better to rent one for spring cleanup each year?   Long run, I'm sure that would cost more but you wouldn't have to worry about storage and maintenance. 

I'm thinking we'd probably use it monthly or bimonthly.  Partially to breakup the materials going into the compost pile.

Quick searching looks like the rental runs about $125 and I'm not sure if that includes delivery (probably not).

Thought, it probably wouldn't be bad for the initial cleanup as I could actually use a bigger one than I would need for ongoing maintenance.

Never owned a wood chipper or even used one.  My neighbor has taken most of my spare wood to burn in his back yard or take to a campground where he has a trailer.  And growing up we burned everything because we had a wood furnace.

like any machinery with a small gas engine, if you buy a cheap one, you will not be happy with it because it will be more trouble than not.


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