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Tender is the Night
« on: April 28, 2005, 06:28:51 PM »
I've drudged through this Fitzgerald novel a few nights is excellently written, but the story was just not to my liking...the target audience for this novel is probably really small - scholars and the upper class. The book, to be sure, is full of symbolism of the times - a Marxist or Freudian critic would have a blast with this book. One thing that caught my eye is the images of wolves and along with the story reminded me of Freud's famous wolfman complex...I did a little research, and the book was actually written before the case :dunno: still, pretty funny coincidence.

Overall, 315 pages of brilliantly-written-pain-in-the-ass-to-read story :( personally, The Great Gatsby was much better.

With all this moaning from my part, I think everyone should read it! Fitzgerald was a truly excellent writer, and truthfully, this is one of the top ten best written American novels. Some things should be read for the sheer style, intelligence, and grace of the author, and not as much for the story itself.  

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