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iTunes question
« on: May 06, 2005, 09:10:46 PM »
I haven't done much with music before except copy (uncopyrighted) cds and make personal mix cds.
Recently downloaded iTunes, which looks like a good app, but some things I don't get.
The main window shows all the songs/sound files, but doesn't let me delete them. How can I delete garbage stuff that gets on?
Another question maybe relates to sorting. I've got a Lou Reed cd on the hd. The songs in the iTunes window don't seem to show up in any particular order, but if I select one to play, it seems like it goes through the rest of the album, then move on to songs in the next numerical order.
Also, I can't get how to make a playlist so I can burn that.
Probably sounds elementary to most of you, but this is an area I never got into. I mostly want to make mix lists to burn a/o listen to. Thanks.
Ok, figured out that Clear means Delete. But still don't get how to make a playlist.
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