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The Bard's Tale
« on: December 22, 2006, 01:46:03 PM »
Just got done playing through the first time last night.  Great game overall.

The good:
 - Good (but not great) graphics that only had a few slow downs on my laptop, but nothing really major.
 - There is a narrator for the story and he'll make wise ass remarks to which the bard will sometimes respond, I laughed a few times at the exchanges.
 - Great dialogue in the game, lots of smart ass comments, witty replies, and innuendos
 - A directed free form game play.  You are given quests that advance the story line and unlock more of the world, but outside of that you get to choose where you'd like to go.
 - Some pretty funny songs, such as drunks sing praise to the inventor of beer, and three "Trow" who appear a few times to sing "It's bad luck to be you" (which is now stuck in my head), the lyrics for the Trow song changes slightly depending on which appearance it is.

The bad:
 - The controls take some getting used to.  Instead of a normal AWSD type of movement you have to right click on where you want to go, with left click being attack.  Nothing too horrid but still kinda annoying.