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This is a pretty basic recipe, but it gets the job done.

3 x large eggs (whatever kind you like)
3 x cups of self raising flour (ideally you should sift it into the bowl, but this isn't required).
6 tsp of raw or white sugar (you can use a sugar sub if you must, but it tastes shit without the real deal).
a cup of low fat milk (but keep the carton/bottle close at hand),
100g butter (or canola spread or whatever you use, it's used to grease the pan.  Don't use oil though!).

Add flour, eggs, sugar and milk into a large bowl.  Mix by hand, or using an electric mixer until all ingrediets resemble a smooth, yogurt-like texture with no lumps.  If it starts to get too gluey, simply add a little bit more milk to the mix.  Keep mixing until you get the right texture, again, adding milk a little bit at a time til you get it right.

Heat a medium-large frying pan over a hot heat, and cut off a little bit of butter to grease up the pan.  Spread the butter around until it's covering a fair amount of the base of the frying pan.  Grab your pancake mix, and slowly pour into the pan, each pancake will need to be about 4 inches wide (this makes it easy to get a few short stacks going).  Honestly though, you can make them as small or as big as you like, depending on your pref.

Flip the pancakes when you notice that the top of the cake is covered in bubbles.  This means that the base will be browned.  Cook the otherside for a further couple of minutes, checking underneath to see if it is lightly golden brown.

Cook up all of the mix until it's all gone, using the method above.  Don't forget to add a little bit more butter to the pan for each lot made. 

This will feed about 3-4 people.  Serve with jam, maple syrup, golde syrup or other.