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plan 9 from outer space
« on: July 19, 2005, 03:01:50 AM »
Although widely hailed as the worst film ever made, Ed Wood's classic camp horror film of 1958 isn't nearly that-- but it IS one of the funniest bad films you'll ever see. The film's notoriety begs an interesting question: how can one make a good game based on the worst movie ever made?

Fortunately, the game itself isn't half bad, largely because designers at Gremlin deftly sidestepped this thorny question by not basing the game directly on the movie's plot. The premise, instead, is that Bela Lugosi's double has stolen the film reels from the archives. Though he remained faceless, he intends to bring glory to the cult classic using more footage of himself... and colorizing it! As the studio's Private Eye, your job is to find the 6 reels and screen the film, frame-by-frame, to ensure that the warped actor did not cut Bela from the flick (although just about any editing will make it better).

personally i can't believe this gem of a film is actually a game. i'm tempted to try it