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Madden 05 PC
« on: April 10, 2005, 06:26:33 PM »
So I've played some more of this game and I'm about half way through my first season.  I should update my previous comments on the game.

1) The fucking announcers are obsessed with "big hits"... and almost every other tackle is one that "he's going to feel in the morning."

2) The announcers are always getting shit wrong... talking about a touchdown after a field goal was good, or just completely talking about the wrong team.

3) Upcoming game notes about teams you're facing or your team are constantly wrong, putting random players on the DL or IR when they're not and so on.

4) I also don't like the "happyness scale" each player has.  If I start one player over another, the one on the bench bitches up a storm in the local paper every fucking week, no matter how good the team is doing and they keep saying "if I don't play, we lose"... yet my team is 7-2.

5) The graphics are a lot better than I reported before, and I'd say they're head and shoulders above the previous version... maybe they don't beef up the graphics until the regular season??

6) I'm also pissed at the level of competition.  In the old version, I was playing at the All-Madden level when I quit.  In this version, I'm play Pro right now and I'm putting a pretty good whippin on a lot of teams.  But if I switch to "All-Pro", I can't do jack shit.  It's not a minor change, it's like going from super easy to impossible in one step.

And on a side note, whoever was making this game didn't like Duce Staley, cuz he blows goats.  The only thing I can use him for is for screen plays and quick tosses out to the side.  He gets stuffed every goddamn time I try to run him up the middle.  Bettis just powers right through tho.