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Red Ring of Death

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i was playing COD4 the other day and my xbox frooze up. I assumed it was a network glitch and turned it off.
I tried again this morning and, about 30 seconds into the game, same thing.
I turned it off.  It wont turn back on.

Instead, I've got the 3-light "General Hardware Failure" ring of death

Service contract?

This may sound crazy, but you might be able to get more life out of it by wrapping it in a blanket and turning it on for several minutes. Then, turn it off, take the blanket off and turn it back on. Worked with my roommate's Xbox for a week or two.

>>service contract?
Microsoft did extend their warranty to 3-years for this specific problem so I guess thats my best option.  Its been nearly 3 years since I bought it and I don't know if I registered it at the time... I might have thrown out the receipt too, I hope not.

>>crazy blanket idea.
really? I never heard of that it sounds crazy.

If you are out of contract there are ways to fix it yourself. Not very hard, just time consuming.

The blanket trick probably ends up doing more damage to the xbox, but we figured we were sending it in eventually any ways. It just let us put off sending it in for that long

I had to send my xbox in a while back and they repaired it much more quickly than I thought they would


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